About Us


Unique Bangles+ By L2K is a spinoff of the founder company L2K Kreations where all your creations are possible with the touch of love.

Unique Bangles+ By L2K was formally known as L2K Beads N Things. It was changed to our current name on our 1 year anniversary, October 14, 2021.

Our business started as just an idea from Lavern (the L in this company) to start creating more than just bulletin board letters with my (the K in this company) new Cricut. Upon seeing endless possibilities to company's product list continued to expand and as months went on, I, Kennisha, realized that the audience I get for my beads and bangles is different than my custom products. Thus L2K Beads N things was born.

As we established ourself as the year went on we wanted a name for us that our customers can truly relate to and the word that came up often throughout the year was unique.

Unique is also one of our core values. 

Be You-nique

Be Bold

Be Colorful

Be Loved

We kept the word Bangles in our name because that is our staple product and we never want you to forget. We added the + because we really want you to know we will be so much more ☺️